12-Step Recovery

Person sitting on stairs outdoors, reflecting on their defects of character

What Are Defects of Character?

Addiction affects everyone differently, so it only makes sense that people will thrive with different approaches to recovery. If you have tried overcoming addiction without lasting success, you may want to consider 12-step-based treatment. Although initially started as the basis for Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), 12-step-based treatment is also being incorporated into addiction treatment programs for …

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12 step addiction treatment

Where to Find 12-Step Addiction Treatment in Texas

Millions of people worldwide have used the 12-step approach to addiction treatment. This approach is based on principles such as total abstinence from drugs or alcohol, personal responsibility for one’s recovery, group support, and spirituality. Over the past 80 years, tens of millions of Americans have successfully overcome their addictions through 12-step-based addiction treatment. Promises Brazos …

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