Person celebrating a sober Valentine's Day holding a red heart figurine

Tips for a Sober Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a time for romance, gifts, and quality time with your loved ones. But when recovering from addiction, it can be hard to navigate this holiday, often centered around alcohol consumption and heavy dining. Learning how to have a sober Valentine’s Day while enjoying time with someone special can allow you to look …

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Woman considers my boyfriend relapsed

My Boyfriend Relapsed, Now What?

Knowing how to support someone who has relapsed can feel like a bit of a mystery sometimes. Maybe you’re asking yourself, “My boyfriend relapsed; what can I do about it?” Simply admitting that truth to yourself is a great start. Admitting the truth is key if you want to help instead of enabling, or worse, …

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Woman holding head thinking "I relapsed today, now what?"

I Relapsed Today. Did I Fail My Recovery?

If I Relapsed Today, Am I a Failure? I relapsed today. Three words that a recovering person might dread saying. But remember that recovery is about both truth and forgiveness. Recovery begins with honesty and acceptance. We said: I am powerless over my addiction. I believe that a power outside of myself can help me. …

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A journal message stating forgive yourself and practicing self-forgiveness after relapse

Practicing Self-Forgiveness After Relapse

Practicing self-forgiveness after relapse is part of our healing process. We must learn not to see relapse as a failure. The fact is that relapse is part of the recovery journey for most of us. It isn’t required nor inevitable, but it is a reality. Learning to reframe relapse in the context of our wider …

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