Woman considers my boyfriend relapsed

My Boyfriend Relapsed, Now What?

Knowing how to support someone who has relapsed can feel like a bit of a mystery sometimes. Maybe you’re asking yourself, “My boyfriend relapsed; what can I do about it?” Simply admitting that truth to yourself is a great start.Admitting the truth is key if you want to help instead of enabling, or worse, get …

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Woman holding head thinking "I relapsed today, now what?"

I Relapsed Today. Did I Fail My Recovery?

If I Relapsed Today, Am I a Failure?I relapsed today. Three words that a recovering person might dread saying. But remember that recovery is about both truth and forgiveness. Recovery begins with honesty and acceptance. We said: I am powerless over my addiction. I believe that a power outside of myself can help me. Here …

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A journal message stating forgive yourself and practicing self-forgiveness after relapse

Practicing Self-Forgiveness After Relapse

Practicing self-forgiveness after relapse is part of our healing process. We must learn not to see relapse as a failure. The fact is that relapse is part of the recovery journey for most of us. It isn’t required nor inevitable, but it is a reality. Learning to reframe relapse in the context of our wider …

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