12 Step Based Addiction Treatment

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12 Step Based Treatment

More than 20 million Americans ages 12 and older meet the criteria for a substance abuse disorder annually. Drugs and alcohol all can cause physical and psychological harm over time. However, despite addiction being relatively common, impacting as many as 4% of adults in the country, the vast majority of those struggling with a substance abuse disorder never get treatment.

Addiction is a chronic disease that worsens the longer you avoid treatment. With fatal overdoses becoming a leading cause of accidental death, the risks associated with addiction are higher than ever. Long-term substance abuse can change your thoughts, emotions and behaviors. But drug rehab programs such as a 12 step therapy program can be vital to recovery. At our drug rehab in Brazos Valley, we offer inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment programs that work with 12 step-based models.

What is Addiction?

You may be asking yourself, “What is addiction?” Addiction is a chronic mental health disease that changes your brain chemistry and causes you to compulsively abuse drugs despite dealing with negative consequences. Some of these negative consequences include losing a job or damaging a relationship with a loved one, all because the need to use is stronger than the desire to quit.

During addiction, drugs and alcohol cause your brain’s pleasure and reward system to change. This means whenever you use your substance of choice, your brain releases an overwhelming rush of pleasurable neurotransmitters. But when these effects wear off, you find yourself suddenly depleted of these pleasurable chemicals, which can lead to intense cravings.

Anything that reminds you of your substance of choice, such as the people you typically use drugs with, can intensify your cravings. Triggers can be almost anything, making it difficult to avoid using. Your brain can become entirely dependent on this substance to release neurotransmitters, which can aggravate underlying mental health conditions and cause significant mood changes. At our drug rehab in Brazos Valley, we use evidence-based therapy models to help you find relief from your addiction triggers.

You can develop an increasingly high tolerance for your substance of choice during addiction. When your tolerance increases, it requires you to use more to get to that pleasure point you are used to. Because you are always chasing that feeling, it can cause you to spend excessive amounts of money on that particular substance. Eventually, you may have to consume the substance to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

How Can a 12 Step Based Therapy Program Help?

Recovery from a substance abuse disorder requires time, dedication and proven treatment models. A 12 step-based therapy program uses the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, one of the most successful recovery programs in the country. The 12 step program focuses on accepting that you have a substance abuse problem. From there, you learn how to regain control of your life through each step of the process. Peer support is a critical element to all 12 step therapy programs. Our drug rehab in Brazos Valley uses 12 step-based therapy models to help you establish strong peer support and step-by-step methods to getting well.

A 12 step-based program also offers you a strong support network once you complete your treatment program. Many clients attend community-based 12 step-based support groups, like AA and NA, after leaving residential addiction treatment. This can help you create a network of resources you can lean on during recovery. Another benefit of attending a 12 step-based therapy program is that it decreases feelings of isolation and can improve your communication skills.

Find Help at Our Drug Rehab in Brazos Valley

Addiction can damage your family life, career and friendships. The constant need to feed an ever-growing habit can lead to significant debt and housing problems. But that doesn’t mean that all is lost in the cycle of addiction. At Promises Brazos Valley, our 12 step-based therapy programs can help you manage your triggers and overcome your addiction. Call us today at 19794260086. to find out more about our programs and your treatment options.

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