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At Promises Brazos Valley, our clients come first. Here are a few COVID-19 precautions we’re currently taking:

  • Rapid COVID-19 antigen testing is now available to our clients at each of the Promises facilities.
  • We test all incoming clients at the time of admission.
  • We will be doing antigen testing for 100% of our staff in high-risk areas as defined by the local health department or, in the absence of health department guidelines, the CDC.

Our addiction recovery services in Texas are here to help you get your life back on track. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, we can help. Reach out to Promises Brazos Valley at 979.426.0086 or connect with us online to get started.

Evidence-Based Recovery Services

At Promises Brazos Valley, we understand that diverse populations require diverse treatment options. That’s why we have created evidence-based addiction treatment programs that work to fit each client’s unique needs. After all, no two recovery stories are exactly alike.

No matter if you seek help for yourself as a professional, as a young adult looking to get your life back on track, or as a parent of an adolescent in need of teen drug rehab, we have addiction treatment programs that provide safety and support. Our addiction recovery services include:

  • Men’s addiction treatment
  • Women’s addiction treatment
  • Addiction treatment programs
  • Drug and alcohol detox
  • Inpatient drug rehab
  • Outpatient drug treatment
  • Alumni “Rooted” program
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Treatment for professionals
  • Collegiate/young adult treatment
  • 12-step-based addiction treatment

These recovery services can be tailored to any level of care you need, from inpatient drug detox and rehab to intensive outpatient treatment and aftercare services. By personalizing our treatment plans to every client’s individual needs, we provide a safe and supportive environment that leads to long-term recovery. Every step of the way, our compassionate and experienced team will be there to guide you—because your success is our success.

Residential Drug Rehab in Brazos Valley

Our residential addiction treatment programs in College Station, TX, work to educate clients on proven ways to manage their substance use disorders. We provide a comfortable, structured place to ease off drugs or alcohol and work with clients as you begin to learn the tools that help them maintain lifelong sobriety. Some of our residential programs include:

  • Medically monitored detox with 24/7 staff attendance
  • Dual diagnosis for those living with both substance use and mental health disorders
  • Adult addiction treatment programs with gender-specific living quarters
  • Collegiate addiction treatment programs for young adults
  • Outpatient programs for those looking for help while maintaining their daily obligations
  • Aftercare services to help clients avoid relapse after they’ve completed their treatment program

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Programs

Our outpatient addiction treatment programs work as another option for those who need less intensive care. That means that if you are stepping down from residential treatment or are just beginning your recovery journey, we have options that can fit into your life. Our rehab center in Brazos Valley offers the following outpatient programs:

  • Partial hospitalization programs (PHP)
  • Intensive outpatient programs (IOP)
  • Virtual intensive outpatient programs (VIOP)

Our outpatient services allow clients to choose in-person or online rehab services so those in more rural areas of Brazos Valley can still find the support they need. Each of our outpatient addiction treatment programs requires a commitment of a few hours a day for several days a week. We have created a treatment schedule that ensures that you can maintain your work, school, or childcare obligations.

What Makes Our Rehab in Brazos Valley Different?

Balance, flexibility, and resilience are vital components of any addiction treatment and are central themes in our programs. We will teach you the tools you need to maintain these key components through traditional, evidence-based therapy models and innovative, holistic approaches. This is especially important for those living with addiction and mental health disorders. Our addiction treatment approaches include:

  • Addiction education
  • Trauma-informed care
  • Individual and group therapy sessions
  • Family education groups
  • Relapse prevention
  • Decision-making skills

We also offer support for processing shame, spiritual awareness, stress management, values clarification, codependency, family conflict, coping skills, mindfulness, and anger management.

At Promises Brazos Valley, you will work with a distinguished treatment team made up of medical doctors, nurse practitioners, psychiatrists, master-level therapists, licensed chemical dependency counselors, and other professionals with experience treating addiction and other behavioral health issues.

Get the Help You Need Today at Promises Brazos Valley

We are here to help you make the promise of a better future with long-term recovery. Our admissions specialists can help find the best treatment options for you, walk you through the admissions process and verify your insurance. Call us today at 979.426.0086 to find out how we can get you the help you need.

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