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3 Benefits of Traveling to an Out-of-State Rehab

Choosing the right place to go for substance use treatment can be tricky. Limiting yourself only to facilities within a short drive from home can substantially narrow your options. If you’re looking for treatment for a loved one, it may be tempting to avoid out-of-state rehab. Don’t forget that the most important thing is that your son, daughter or spouse gets the best help available to them. The odds are that it won’t be within a one-hour drive from home.

When someone you love is in trouble with drugs or alcohol, just about everything can seem a little scary. But you don’t want to let your fear make decisions for you here. If you’re looking for treatment for yourself, the benefits of traveling for substance abuse help are equally relevant. Read on to learn three benefits of traveling to an out-of-state rehab.


Recovery is About Change

Recovery is about embracing change. To recover, we need to change both our behavior and the way we think and see the world. It’s a tall order to be sure. But if we want recovery to take root, we’ve got to be all-in. Even when you or the one you love returns home after treatment, a great deal of change will have to occur.


Attending an out-of-state rehab often helps set the mindset of change in motion. Having all new surroundings and scenery sends a powerful message to the subconscious and can even make the mind more open to change.


People, Places and Things

Time away from the people, places and things associated with using or drinking is proven to help recovery take root in the beginning. Not only does it limit potentially harmful influences or temptation. It also helps eliminate seemingly innocuous distractions. Focus is easier to maintain in new surroundings. The time in substance use treatment is precious. We must make the most of every moment.


This is where the foundation of new recovery is built, and we want a strong base to build upon it. Even if appropriate substance abuse help is found close to home, there is always a risk of a patient leaving against medical advice when they have a tough day. When a drug buddy or enabler is only a phone call away, it can set the stage for disaster. Being in an out-of-state rehab helps remove that risk.


Getting What You Need from Out-of-State Rehab

There’s a wide variety of out-of-state rehab programs to choose from. The focus should be on getting the addicted person the best help available to them. You want to find a facility with the most important features to you; this might include anything from gender-specific programs to trauma-informed care or evidence-based treatment.


There’s a world of therapies and approaches out there. Don’t let geography be an obstacle to any of them. Looking out-of-state can also help you get the most value from your insurance or budget. The chances are that the ideal substance use treatment program isn’t going to be a short drive from home.


Recovery is a Journey

Recovery is often referred to metaphorically as a journey, but sometimes traveling to an out-of-state rehab to get the help we need really is the best course of action. Ultimately each person must decide for themselves how to begin recovery. The most important thing is that you begin. If you’re ready to start treatment for yourself or someone else, or just start the conversation, Promises Brazos Valley is here to help. Give us a call at (800) 393-0391

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