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A couple in a family therapy programA family therapy program is a powerful mental health and addiction treatment component. Addiction and mental health issues affect the individual with the problem and those closest to them. Without the appropriate help, families can be torn apart by these challenges. To effectively manage these struggles, involving family members in recovery is essential.

If your relationships are strained due to substance abuse or mental health disorders, you need the help of a family therapy program in Brazos Valley. Promises Brazos Valley offers evidence-based treatment programs customized for your specific needs. Find out more about how we incorporate family therapy into our programs by contacting our team at 979.426.0086 or reaching out online.

What Is a Family Therapy Program?

A family therapy program is a type of counseling that involves treating multiple family members simultaneously. Deep-seated family dynamics can be a potential trigger for mental health issues or substance abuse. And even if family issues are not at the root of these conditions, they can exacerbate the situation.

Overcoming addiction or mental health disorders like depression or anxiety can feel next to impossible if your home environment is tense or stressful. Family counseling can help address communication issues and other common problems that interfere with relationships. And by doing so, you can build a strong support system to help you recover from addiction and co-occurring mental health conditions.

How Can a Family Therapy Program Help?

There are several crucial aspects of a family therapy program that can help make a difference in your recovery.

Educating Family Members

Family counseling helps teach those closest to you about the nature of addiction and mental health disorders so they can understand how they may have unknowingly played a role.

Disrupting Unhealthy Patterns

Mental health and substance use disorders can create a cycle of destructive communication and behaviors that drive a wedge between family members. Family counseling helps break the cycle so everyone can begin to heal and interact with one another in a healthier way.

Encouraging Shared Responsibility

It can be easy to blame the person with the addiction or mental health condition, but it typically takes more than one person to create an unhealthy dynamic. Family therapy removes the blame from just one person. It focuses more on the family unit confronting issues, developing healthy coping strategies, and coming together to support one another.

Improving Communication Skills

Poor communication skills can wreak havoc on relationships, making overcoming addiction and other challenges more difficult. Family therapy teaches you healthy communication skills crucial for maintaining supportive relationships.

Strengthening Family Bonds

Coming together can strengthen family bonds, reinforce support, and reduce feelings of isolation often experienced by people struggling with addiction or mental health.

Should You Try Family Therapy?

If you are still contemplating whether family therapy may be suitable for your family, ask yourself the following:

  • Do you or your family members have unresolved conflicts?
  • Does your family find it difficult to speak openly with one another?
  • Have your relationships become more strained or distant?
  • Is someone in your family struggling with mental health or a substance use disorder?

Enrolling in family therapy is a proactive step toward building a healthier, happier family life. Rather than letting the above issues fester and create a more significant divide, encourage your loved ones to join you in family counseling.

Find a Family Therapy Program in Texas at Promises Brazos Valley

Seeking help is one of the most important steps toward recovery. While it is essential to support your loved ones, it is also important to remember to take care of your mental health. Whether you or a loved one is struggling with mental health or addiction, reach out to Promises Brazos Valley at 979.426.0086. Our family therapy program in Brazos Valley can help you overcome your struggles and build a better life together.

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