Mental Health Treatment Programs

Addiction is typically not an isolated disease. Our expert staff knows that mental health can be just as invasive to a person’s life as any other clinical problem. We treat mental health together with addiction, but at PBV we can also treat mental health disorders separately. We have focused therapists that understand how to uncover and unpack our relationships others and our own selves. We’re here to help people find peace and healing in whatever capacity we can.

Promises Brazos Valley’s Approach to Mental Health Treatment

The mental health treatment starts with a phone call to our caring admissions team. We will answer your questions, and when you’re ready, have an assessment to understand your needs. We need to understand what you’re struggling with and how best we can provide you care. We all have layers to ourselves and our needs so these calls are important to create the full picture of who you are and how PBV can support you.
Mental health treatment programs can vary for each individual. Some examples of what we offer include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with therapists that specialize in integrated mental health approaches
  • Dialectical Behavior Treatment that focuses on helping you regain emotional regularity
  • Group therapy that brings connection to the healing
  • Psychodrama, which allows you to understand new perspectives of your healing
  • Music Therapy, which brings creativity to allow the brain to relax and find clarity
  • Meditation and Mindfulness, which is led by specialists to give actionable tools to recenter yourself in treatment and beyond
  • Trauma-informed Therapy, the foundation to all of our mental health treatment programs, takes you back to where this journey of healing can begin

We are not just providing mental health treatment in texas to give you results during your stay. We create actionable plans and give you tools to be successful in your long-term recovery journey. With the Rooted Alumni Group and connections across the country, we are going to be there for every person that comes to treatment at PBV. Your home for healing is in College Station.”

The Evolution of Trauma Informed Care

Trauma Informed

  • Consistency
  • Encourage
  • Humility
  • Join
  • Encourage
  • Empower
  • Holding spaces
  • Support healing
  • “I see you”
  • Connection
  • Choices
  • Predictability
  • Mutual respect
  • Enlightened Witness  

Non-Trauma Informed

  • Blame
  • Control
  • Power over
  • Judging
  • Fix
  • Dominate
  • Coercion
  • Right vs. Wrong
  • Bad vs. Good
  • Paternalize
  • Compliance
  • Us vs. Them
  • Labels
  • Shame
  • Fear-based

What types of diagnoses do we treat?

Our evidence-based treatment covers the following:

  • Depression – We use intentional therapies that help to change your thought process and learn a better way of coping. If you need the extra hand of medication, we can assist with that as well.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – While we associate this with soldiers, PTSD can effect anyone that has been through a traumatic experience. Clients will have assistance in learning tools to navigate the negative thoughts, behaviors, and triggers.
  • Anxiety – Anxiety is more common than we realize, and in some cases, can be so debilitating that it can keep people from living their normal lives. The physical symptoms being panic attacks, sweating, dizziness, and more. The daunting stress of those symptoms only add to the stress of living with anxiety. Therefore, our anxiety treatment shows you ways to quiet your mind, get in touch with your body, and control the thoughts powering your anxiety.”

Why Choose Promises Brazos Valley

At PBV in College Station, Texas, we are dedicated to evolving to our community. Residential mental health care was not in our original plan, but we created these programs because the need was ours to fill. We want every person to walk through our doors to find healing. Coming to stay at our facility is like coming home. We have comfortably furnished rooms for each client. Our meditation courtyard provides a calm, relaxing place to walk and meditate. The staff is experienced with their own journeys of recovery, and also in their clinical expertise. We accept most insurance and will be there to help you work out all the details with your provider.

Lastly, if you are considering a Texas mental health treatment program in College Station, Promises Brazos Valley is the perfect option. We want to help you find healing, contact our team today at 979.426.0086.

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