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Person talking with their therapist at a trauma therapy programMany people go for months or years without realizing they are suffering from the effects of trauma. Learning about trauma symptoms can help you understand why you feel like you do. It can also help you realize that you do not have to continue to live this way when you receive proper treatment. A trauma therapy program can help you regain control of your life by managing your symptoms and reopening doors that were once closed due to trauma-related avoidant behaviors.

If living in anxiety and fear from trauma stops you from living your whole life, it is time to consider enrolling in a trauma therapy program in Brazos Valley. Contact Promises Brazos Valley at 979.426.0086 to discuss our programs and schedule an assessment.

What Is a Trauma Therapy Program?

Trauma therapy is a specialized form of counseling that focuses on helping people heal and recover from traumatic events. Some examples of traumatic experiences include:

  • Being physically or sexually assaulted
  • Being bullied
  • Being abused or neglected as a child
  • Being the victim of domestic violence
  • Being involved in military combat
  • Being involved in a severe car accident

If you experience a traumatic event, you risk developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

What Can a Trauma Therapy Program Help With?

A trauma therapy program can be beneficial in several ways.

Educating You about Your Symptoms

Trauma symptoms can go undetected or be attributed to other issues, which is why so many people do not receive the necessary treatment for trauma. For example, trauma can lead to anxiety, depression, shame, addiction, sleep disturbances, anger, and suicidal thoughts.

Improving Emotional Regulation

Trauma can lead to mood swings, making you feel highly anxious one moment and then angry the next. By calming your nervous system, trauma therapy can teach you how to cope with these powerful emotions.

Helping You Feel Safe

If you have experienced a traumatic event, you may struggle to feel an overall sense of safety. It may always seem like you are waiting for something terrible to happen, leaving you hypervigilant and unable to relax. Trauma therapy provides a safe space to learn about trauma and how it has impacted you. From there, you will learn how to feel safe in the world once again.

Reducing the Effect of Triggers

Specific techniques used in trauma therapy will help desensitize you to stimuli that trigger memories, flashbacks, or powerful emotions related to the traumatic event. This strategy reduces the hold of these triggers on you, so you can go about your day feeling calmer and happier.

Do You Need a Trauma Therapy Program?

Trauma can instigate various symptoms, some of which may go unnoticed for years. Recognizing trauma symptoms can help you determine whether you need a trauma therapy program. Also, it helps to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are your symptoms preventing you from doing things in life you would like to?
  • Are you avoiding certain people, places, or situations that remind you of the traumatic experience?
  • Do you often have a nagging feeling that something terrible will happen?
  • Do you frequently feel tense or on edge?
  • Do you often feel anxious or fearful?
  • Do you have flashbacks or nightmares related to the traumatic experience?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above questions, you may be dealing with the effects of trauma interfering with your quality of life. Choosing a trauma therapy program will provide the most effective treatment, including specific techniques for processing and releasing trauma.

Find a Trauma Therapy Program in Texas at Promises Brazos Valley

Reach out to Promises Brazos Valley at 979.426.0086 to start reclaiming your life satisfaction. Our trauma therapy program in Brazos Valley provides a whole-person approach to healing so you achieve the best possible outcome. Call us today to get started.

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