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Does Your College Student Need Addiction Treatment?

The college years are a time of significant emotional and physical change. The most dramatic changes tend to occur in young adults during their first year of college when they are still adapting to life away from home and dealing with the increased independence that comes with attending school. This time in their life is when the body’s hormones shift, making it easier for some students to abuse substances than others. If you suspect your child may be struggling with addiction, learn how to spot the signs and when to enroll them in a collegiate addiction treatment program.

Knowing when your child’s college partying has gotten out of control can be challenging. How do you know when they are simply making the most of this highly social time in their life or if they have developed a substance use disorder? Promises Brazos Valley can help you learn how to know if your child needs specialized addiction treatment for college students. Reach out to us today at 979.426.0086 for guidance.

The Importance of College Student Addiction Treatment

Substance abuse is a problem for many college students, but some of them may not realize that they are abusing substances at all. Many students move away from home and away from the social pressures of parents, teachers, and other authority figures who might otherwise discourage substance use. College students can be more vulnerable to substance abuse because they are surrounded by others who are also drinking or doing drugs.

The need for college student addiction treatment is evident as the prevalence of substance abuse among college students is high. Many college students abuse alcohol and engage in heavy drinking or binge drinking. While this may be viewed as a regular part of college life, it can lead down a slippery slope to addiction. 

How to Know if Your Child Needs Rehab for College Students

While you want to encourage your child to socialize and develop new friendships while away at college, you also want to ensure they are not engaging in dangerous behaviors or putting themselves at risk of addiction. If you suspect your child may be struggling with substance abuse, get to know the signs, so you know when it is time to have a conversation with them. The following are some signs that may indicate your child needs rehab for college students:

  • Loss of interest in school work
  • Decline in grades
  • Changes in behavior and personality
  • Depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Drastic weight loss or gain
  • A decline in physical appearance

Additionally, you may notice behavioral changes such as asking for money frequently, spending most days sleeping in or feeling tired, and not eating regularly.

It is normal to be concerned if your child exhibits the above symptoms. While these symptoms can be signs of a mental health condition, they are also common indicators of drug or alcohol addiction. Talking to your child about enrolling in college student addiction treatment can help them get back on the right path before addiction derails their life goals.

Enroll in Addiction Treatment for College Students at Promises Brazos Valley

You cannot force your college student to stop drinking and live a healthy and productive life, but you can ensure they are equipped with the tools and education needed to make better choices. Promises Brazos Valley has a specialized rehab for college students geared toward the unique needs of young adults. We are here to offer advice and support if you need help talking to your child about getting help for addiction. Call us today at 979.426.0086 to learn how to speak with your college student about substance abuse and when it is time to get treatment.

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