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Two people discussing the link between sugar and alcoholism

What Is the Link Between Sugar and Alcoholism?

You are probably already familiar with sugar’s effects on your health. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that sugar can also be addictive, like alcohol. And what is worse is that sugar and alcohol addiction can play off one another. So, why do alcoholics crave sugar, and what can you do to prevent sugar cravings …

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Hands of a person talking about the signs of alcoholism

7 Warning Signs of Alcoholism

Alcoholism, now referred to as alcohol use disorder (AUD), is a chronic disease characterized by compulsive alcohol misuse. People with this condition may struggle to moderate or discontinue their alcohol consumption despite the consequences. If you think someone in your life has a drinking problem, it helps to understand common alcoholism warning signs and what …

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Person asking her therapist, "Can I work in rehab?"

Can I Work in Rehab?

One of the biggest obstacles to getting treatment for drug or alcohol addiction is financial worries. Some people worry about the costs of treatment programs, especially if they are on a tight budget or do not have good health insurance coverage. Others are concerned about how they will pay their bills if they take time …

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Woman touching her temples and experiencing wet brain symptoms

What Are the Symptoms of Wet Brain?

Alcohol misuse can make you more vulnerable to various physical and mental health conditions. Wet brain syndrome (WBS) is associated with long-term heavy drinking, although people can develop this condition even if they do not drink. WBS is caused by thiamine deficiency, which is common in people who drink excessively. How do you know if …

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Woman realizing she is struggling with midazolam addiction

What Is Midazolam Addiction?

Midazolam is one of the lesser-known benzodiazepine medications since medical professionals most often administer it before surgeries. However, some people are also prescribed this medication to help manage anxiety or seizures. As a depressant drug, midazolam makes you feel calmer and more relaxed since it slows your breathing and heart rate. This feeling of sedation …

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