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Finding a Home Away From Home in Rehab

The decision to go to rehab to transform your life comes out of two essential steps—Step 1: becoming aware that you need to change. Step 2: making the promise to yourself to do so. Real, lasting transformation is challenging. You rarely jump out of bed and make permanent changes right away. It usually takes time, patience and consistency.

When you are caught in the cycle of using and abusing substances, like drugs and alcohol, that desire to change is even more difficult. Just becoming aware you have a problem is complicated in itself.

That’s why, when you finally decide to change, it’s so vital to find a safe, comfortable place to do so. A place that feels like home with people who care and support you as you move through each phase of transformation. A place like Promises Brazos Valley—a drug rehab in Texas.

When is it Time to Get Help?

When you say to yourself, “I promise to change,” it can shift everything. It can shift the way you see yourself and the way your loved ones see you. It can significantly change the trajectory of your life. But it’s easy to make…and break a promise. You will tell yourself over and over, “now isn’t the best time to get help.”

You will think up a thousand and one excuses, from your cousin’s boyfriend’s grandmother’s birthday celebration to that vacation with friends you’ve been planning. The list of excuses will grow and your addiction will get worse.

Soon, you will begin to lose track of these moments. These special memories will start to get blurred by your substance use, and you may remember them differently than how they occurred. It can cause a lot of shame and guilt when we let our addiction rule our lives like this.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. That’s why getting help at a drug rehab in Texas can help you begin to shift your life to align with those promises you are making. At our Brazos Valley rehab, you will learn to manage your substance use behaviors and heal from those shameful feelings that you may be carrying. And while the journey isn’t comfortable, millions of Americans have made the same promise you are making to yourself today.

Addiction Treatment Programs at Our Brazos Valley Rehab

So, now that you have made the promise to get better, where do you go from here? At Promises Brazos Valley, we have created evidence-based addiction treatment programs that not only help you learn to manage your substance use disorder but also empower you in your own authenticity as you begin to transition into a life of sobriety. Let’s take a look at what our addiction programs include.


When your brain has been rewired from extended use of drugs or alcohol, you are more likely to experience withdrawal symptoms. That’s why it’s important to detox in a safe place with medical professionals who can assist you.

This is a big first step for those that have a more severe substance abuse problem. Medically monitored detox can help you ease off of drugs or alcohol using researched-backed medication methods.

Residential addiction treatment

During residential treatment, commonly called inpatient treatment, you will live on campus for a period of time. This type of program offers a structured schedule and support as you start to learn more about your substance use habits and the ‘why’ behind why you use them.

Collegiate addiction treatment program

College is a new, exciting experience that comes with new freedoms and unique stressors. Many college-aged young adults find themselves turning to drugs or alcohol to cope. A 2018 study found that 11% of college students misuse amphetamines, and around 28% abuse alcohol. Our Brazos Valley rehab offers an inpatient collegiate program to help young adults manage their addictive habits early on. Young adults of a similar age will go through the program together and stay in a gender-separated area of the campus.

R.I.S.E. adolescent addiction treatment program

The teenage years are tough and confusing for most of us. It’s a crucial time when young people begin figuring out who they are or want to be. But it is also a time when adolescents become more exposed to drugs and alcohol. According to NCDAS, around 50% of teens will abuse drugs at least once in their lifetime. Experimenting with substances can develop into a deeper issue as time goes on, with only 1 in 10 teens getting the help they need.

The R.I.S.E. adolescent drug rehab supports male teens as they begin to explore why they turn to drugs and alcohol to cope. This program uses the Seven Challenges curriculum to help teen boys learn to feel empowered in their sobriety. Adolescents work through the program, stay in a specified area of the campus and attend on-site schooling together.

Outpatient addiction treatment programs

Outpatient treatment mean that you can get addiction recovery support without the need to stay on campus. This type of treatment works well for those who have a less severe addiction or who want to maintain their daily work or school schedules. These programs last for a few hours a day or several days a week.

Alumni Program

When looking for help from a drug rehab in Texas, it’s always a good idea to find a treatment center that offers alumni programs and aftercare support. Every client that completes their program with us has the added support of the Rooted Alumni community. That means you will have access to weekly meetings, a community app, local sobriety events and annual homecomings. Staying connected to your recovery peers is a proven way to maintain long-lasting recovery.

Welcome to Promises Brazos Valley

Now that you have a better understanding of your options, the final step you must take is to find the best care possible in an atmosphere that supports you at every stage of your recovery. Be sure to look for a treatment center that is certified by The Joint Commission, staffed with compassionate staff, with quiet, warm surroundings. And most importantly, look for a  place that feels a lot like home.

Tucked away in the College Station, Texas—home of Texas A&M University and centered in the sprawling Brazos Valley—sits a comfortable, quiet treatment campus that feels like home. The campus sits at around 50,000 sq ft and offers a modernized decor, new residential accommodations and freshly painted walls. And while the building may seem pretty unremarkable on the outside, it houses hope, healing and transformation for those seeking to understand better who they are without drugs or alcohol. When the College Station community needed a Brazos Valley rehab, Promises Brazos Valley stepped in to help fill the gaps in quality, affordable addiction treatment programs.

If you or your loved one needs a place to heal in an atmosphere that feels like home, we are here to welcome you. At Promises Brazos Valley, you are like family. Our Texas drug rehab offers quality, research-backed addiction treatment programs that work to help you learn about who you are without substances. Why wait another day to become your most genuine self? Call us today at (844) 667-8240 to find out more about our treatment center and how we can support you in your recovery goals.

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