Woman asking her therapist, "Can you visit someone in rehab?"

Can You Visit Someone in Rehab?

When someone you love agrees to get help for addiction, you want to do your best to support them in their recovery. While they are in rehab, chances are you will want to visit to see how they are doing and let them know you care. If you have never had the experience of visiting someone in rehab, you may wonder if you are allowed to see someone in treatment and what happens during a visit. Learning more about the facility’s visitation policy and what you can bring to prepare to see your loved one in rehab is best.

At Promises Brazos Valley, we know how important it is to show support when someone is enrolled in addiction treatment. Having loved ones visit can help people stay motivated on their recovery journey. If you want to know more about visiting a friend or family member in our drug rehab, call us at 979.426.0086.

Can You Visit Someone in Rehab?

You can visit someone in rehab, although there may be some limitations. Treatment centers may not allow visitation while a client undergoes detox, usually lasting a few days to a week.

If a client is not detoxing, there may still be a waiting period of three days or so to allow them to get acclimated to the treatment environment before seeing visitors. Contact your loved one’s treatment facility to find out their policy regarding client visits.

What to Do Before Visiting Someone in Rehab

Before visiting someone in rehab, knowing what you can and cannot bring into the facility is essential. It is also helpful to know a bit about the visiting procedure, although it may vary a bit by facility. 

When Can You Visit Someone In Rehab?

As far as when you can visit a loved one in rehab, each treatment center typically has designated days or times that visits are permitted. You do not usually need to make an appointment beforehand, but you should contact the facility to ask about visiting hours. Also, you will likely need to go through a security check to ensure you are not bringing prohibited items into the rehab center. It is best to leave things in your car that you will not need while visiting your loved one. 

What Are You Not Allowed to Bring to Someone in Rehab?

When you visit your loved one in rehab, you will likely want to bring a gift or something to help them feel more comfortable during their treatment. However, many treatment centers have a list of prohibited items to protect the safety of their clients. Some items you should avoid bringing to the facility include:

  • Drugs, regardless of whether illicit or prescription
  • Alcohol or any products containing alcohol, such as hairspray or mouthwash
  • Food items 
  • Sharp items such as metal nail files or nail clippers

People in rehab generally have the essentials provided to them at the treatment center, so there is not much they would need you to bring them.

What Should You Bring to Someone in Rehab?

If you still want to give something to your loved one, here are a few ideas of items that are generally accepted at facilities:

  • Clothing – Be sure to check with the facility about specific clothing items allowed. For example, many facilities do not permit shoelaces or drawstrings.
  • Journal – Your loved one may benefit from having a journal to draw or write in during treatment. Picking up a special journal for their experience can help them feel more supported.
  • Books – Reading materials can help your loved one pass their free time in the facility since they are usually given adequate time to rest and relax.

If you have any questions about other items you can bring, contact the treatment center for clarification.

Support Your Loved One’s Treatment at Promises Brazos Valley

You can help improve a friend or family member’s morale during addiction treatment by visiting them. Contact Promises Brazos Valley today at 979.426.0086 to learn more about our visitation policy.

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