Person learning what the signs of tianeptine withdrawal are

What Are the Signs of Tianeptine Withdrawal?

If the grips of addiction have woven an intricate web around your life, untangling the threads can feel like an impossible task. For those wrestling with the subtle yet formidable chains of tianeptine dependence, recognizing the stealthy signs of withdrawal is akin to arming oneself against an invisible enemy. But what are the signs of […]

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Person sitting on outdoor steps, wondering what gas station heroin is

What Is Gas Station Heroin?

In the landscape of addiction, new challenges arise alongside classic struggles. One such contemporary issue is the silent but soaring crisis of tianeptine abuse, colloquially known as “gas station heroin.” A potent opioid receptor agonist, tianeptine, initially developed to treat depression, has found a somewhat illicit yet tragically comfortable home next to energy drinks on

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