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Pause Social Media? Setting Boundaries in Addiction Recovery

Setting Boundaries in Addiction Recovery

Social media is a part of 21st-century life. It’s so ingrained into most of our lives that it’s easy to underestimate the effect it can have on our mental health and recovery. It probably won’t take you long to remember a time when something you saw on social media upset you enough to ruin your whole day – this is why setting boundaries in addiction recovery is so crucial.

Many of us have had far worse experiences than an isolated, angry afternoon and it does not mean we have to swear off all social media. As people in sobriety, we know that setting boundaries in addiction recovery are critical to success. This principle is just as important in the social media universe as it is anywhere else.


Protect and Grow Your Recovery

Recovery is precious, and it can be fragile. But it also grows stronger with time if we nurture it. It helps to avoid people, places and things that are toxic to recovery and seek those that will support it. Social media, like most things, is best used in moderation. Use it and enjoy it but pay attention to what you consume there. 

The very first thing we do in recovery is to stop putting poison into our bodies. The same rule applies to your mind and soul. Feeding them poison in the form of negative gossip, nastiness and cruelty on social media or anywhere else will hurt your recovery. Just because you don’t immediately notice the effect does not mean it isn’t happening. 

Part of setting boundaries in addiction recovery means being smart about how you interact with social media. You worked hard for your recovery. You deserve to be picky about who you follow and what you consume on social media. A little self-control and awareness will pay off big time here. 


Positive Points of Social Media

For all the pitfalls it may have, there are lots of positive points about social media too. Social media is a powerful tool with both good and bad mixed in there. Avoiding negativity online can be a challenge. If you want to benefit from the positive points about social media, you need to not only avoid the bad but seek out content that will support your recovery. Positive recovery spaces like Promises’ Rooted Alumni Community can give you a way to connect with recovering people on Facebook and Instagram. There’s power in numbers, as they say, and this is especially true in recovery. 

One of the best ways to strengthen your recovery is to share it with others. Express gratitude or ask for advice or support. Learn from others. Involving yourself with recovery in social media can help support your sobriety out in the world. We can all help make social media less toxic by participating in and creating safe social media spaces. Share your experience, strength and hope. You never know who might be listening. Your story might just save someone’s life. 


Recovery is About Connection

Recovery is not a spectator sport. It’s about action and involvement. If you want to grow in recovery, you have to get your hands dirty. That means meeting others in recovery and opening up. Both online and in the real world. The more of us who decide to avoid negativity on social media and bring positive energy in, the more change we can affect. 

Social media shouldn’t be the most important part of your life, but it’s a significant one for most of us. If you are making your recovery a priority (and you should be), it makes a sense to bring your recovery into your social media life. Steer clear of the poison and bring positive vibes, and you will soon find you get a great return on the investment! 


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