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Woman scrolling how to understand trauma on social media

How to Understand Trauma

The internet has become an almost inseparable part of social life and communication for most of us. Social media has evolved from simple personal profiles and instant messaging to a source of news, education and entertainment. It connects us to people we know and to total strangers in exciting new ways. It empowers interactions that …

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Elder showing support to someone in out-of-state rehab

Out-of-State Rehab: 3 Ways to Show Support

Support is Critical to Your Loved One in Out-of-State Rehab When someone we love goes to treatment, a combination of emotions often washes over us. There is undoubtedly relief in seeing them getting help in an out-of-state rehab. But we’ll also miss our loved one and hope for their success. Watching someone you care about …

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Doctor sitting with client answering the question, what is a relapse prevention plan?

What is a Relapse Prevention Plan?

What is a Relapse Prevention Plan? 3 Essentials for Your Toolbox Understanding how relapse occurs and how to prevent it is one of the wisest things you can do to protect your recovery. Putting a plan in place to prevent relapse is an excellent safety measure. You may have heard of them before, but what …

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Woman holding head thinking "I relapsed today, now what?"

I Relapsed Today. Did I Fail My Recovery?

If I Relapsed Today, Am I a Failure? I relapsed today. Three words that a recovering person might dread saying. But remember that recovery is about both truth and forgiveness. Recovery begins with honesty and acceptance. We said: I am powerless over my addiction. I believe that a power outside of myself can help me. …

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woman comforting boyfriend, my boyfriend relapsed

My Boyfriend Relapsed, Now What?

Knowing how to support someone who has relapsed can feel like a bit of a mystery sometimes. Maybe you’re asking yourself, “My boyfriend relapsed; what can I do about it?” Simply admitting that truth to yourself is a great start. Say it out loud to yourself. More than once if you need to. “My boyfriend …

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A journal message stating forgive yourself and practicing self-forgiveness after relapse

Practicing Self-Forgiveness After Relapse

Practicing self-forgiveness after relapse is part of our healing process. We must learn not to see relapse as a failure. The fact is that relapse is part of the recovery journey for most of us. It isn’t required nor inevitable, but it is a reality. Learning to reframe relapse in the context of our wider …

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Man experiencing trauma issues in the body

3 Ways Trauma Issues Can Affect Your Body

When we think about psychological trauma and its impacts, we usually think about mental and behavioral effects. But ideally, trauma-informed treatment addresses all the ways in which trauma can affect us, including effects on our health. If you or someone you care about is living with trauma, read on to learn how trauma issues can …

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Woman in bed in need of trauma treatment for women

Trauma Treatment for Women in Recovery

Trauma treatment for women has the power to change lives. There is no overstating the impact that trauma can have on a woman’s relationships, career, family life and quality of life. There is virtually no part of a life that trauma does not touch. Because of the impact of traumatic experiences, deconstructing the trauma and …

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Group of friends outside working through the addiction recovery process

How Long is the Addiction Recovery Process?

When we become aware that recovery is necessary, nearly every one of us needs direction—both the person who needs help and the people who care about them. In this piece, Promises Brazos Valley explores the length of the addiction recovery process, the difference between treatment and recovery, and what happens after rehab. Recovery is truly …

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Dog watching out the window as owner leaves, going to treatment

Who Will Watch My Pet While I’m at Rehab?

Everyone loves their pets. With all the planning involved in going to treatment, inevitably, pet owners are going to wonder who will watch my pet? If you’re working on persuading a loved one to go to treatment, the pet boarding and pet sitting issue can be a factor too. This article is for any pet …

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