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Person talking with their therapist and learning how to deal with Suboxone withdrawal

How to Deal with Suboxone Withdrawal

Suboxone is a prescription medication used to treat opioid addiction, also called opioid use disorder (OUD). While its unique combination of buprenorphine and naloxone can be a helpful treatment for those struggling with OUD, it can also lead to withdrawal symptoms for people who develop dependence and stop using the drug abruptly. Knowing what to …

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Two people talking about Suboxone withdrawal symptoms

Suboxone Withdrawal Symptoms

Suboxone plays an essential role in helping people overcome opioid dependence. But as an opioid partial agonist, this medication also carries a risk of addiction, although to a lesser degree than more potent opioids like morphine or heroin. Experiencing Suboxone withdrawal symptoms indicates that you have become dependent on your medication and may need professional …

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Doctor answering a patient, whose question is, "What is tranq dope?"

What Is Tranq Dope?

Xylazine, also known as “tranq dope,” has been increasing in the drug supply at an alarming rate. Like fentanyl, “tranq dope” is mixed with opioid drugs since it is cheaper and easier to access. However, it is also much more dangerous than opioids and produces more severe withdrawal symptoms. Even more concerning is that most …

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Woman thinking about the question, "How do I motivate myself to get sober?"

How Do I Motivate Myself to Get Sober?

If you are one of the millions of Americans struggling with alcohol addiction, you likely know that you need help and that getting sober is the best thing for you and your family. However, it can be hard to build up the motivation to get sober—especially if you’re stressed out. Taking the first step and …

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Person celebrating a sober Valentine's Day holding a red heart figurine

Tips for a Sober Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a time for romance, gifts, and quality time with your loved ones. But when recovering from addiction, it can be hard to navigate this holiday, often centered around alcohol consumption and heavy dining. Learning how to have a sober Valentine’s Day while enjoying time with someone special can allow you to look …

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heroin detox

What Happens During Heroin Detox?

Heroin is a powerful opioid drug, and the first step to breaking free from its grip is typically heroin detox. As your body detoxes, you can experience uncomfortable heroin withdrawal symptoms, but with the support of a reputable drug detox center, you can get through the process with minimal discomfort.  If you or someone you …

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virtual addiction treatment

How Virtual Addiction Treatment Can Work for Your Schedule

Overcoming addiction can be complicated and requires a multifaceted treatment approach. There is no shortage of options for healing from addiction — you can choose from residential treatment facilities, outpatient programs, sober houses, support groups, and more. But if you are looking for an alternative to traditional treatment methods that may be more convenient or …

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