Substance Abuse

Person waiting at an office to speak with a therapist about substance abuse in older adults

The Impact of Substance Abuse on Older Adults

Substance abuse can be especially dangerous for older adults, but many can hide their struggles with drugs or alcohol. Seniors may not see family members as often, and if they do not interact with their peers frequently, their substance use may go undetected for quite some time. This can lead to serious health complications and …

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Person with hands on their head and noticing signs of kratom addiction in themselves

Signs of Kratom Addiction

As kratom is an over-the-counter supplement, the risks of kratom abuse are often overlooked. Although available online or in local stores, kratom is not necessarily safe and can be addictive. Know the signs of kratom addiction to recognize when to seek treatment.Once you have developed a dependence on kratom, it can be challenging to quit …

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Person struggling with popper addiction

Dangers of Popper Addiction

As with many recreational drugs, poppers were originally prescription drugs used to treat a valid medical condition. Prescribed amyl nitrite helped people with heart conditions experience fast relief from chest pain. Once it was realized that the rush of euphoria and relaxation could also enhance one’s sex life, the drug quickly made its rounds among …

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Young people experiencing peer pressure and substance abuse simultaneously

Peer Pressure and Substance Abuse

Peer pressure is a common issue many young people face, especially regarding substance abuse. If peer pressure and substance abuse have led you to addiction, you must get professional help. Contact Promises Brazos Valley at 979.426.0086 or through our online form to talk to one of our team members about alcohol detox and our other …

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Woman realizing she is struggling with midazolam addiction

What Is Midazolam Addiction?

Midazolam is one of the lesser-known benzodiazepine medications since medical professionals most often administer it before surgeries. However, some people are also prescribed this medication to help manage anxiety or seizures. As a depressant drug, midazolam makes you feel calmer and more relaxed since it slows your breathing and heart rate. This feeling of sedation …

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Woman realizing she is engaging in scopolamine abuse

What Is Scopolamine Abuse?

Scopolamine is a prescription drug used to treat nausea, vomiting, and motion sickness. Despite its potential benefits as an anti-nausea medication, scopolamine—also known as Devil’s Breath—can be dangerous when used recreationally or in doses higher than prescribed. High doses of the drug can incapacitate you, making you vulnerable to assault and increasing your risk of …

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