Bottles of alcohol mixture ready for a night of BORG drinking

What Is BORG Drinking?

If you have a college student in your life or you are attending college yourself, you have likely heard of BORG drinking. Like other forms of binge drinking, BORG drinking can seriously affect your health. Learn more about the dangers of BORG drinking and how to protect yourself or a loved one from excessive drinking.

Hearing a young person talking about college parties and drinking can be worrisome since many people in their late teens and twenties are susceptible to peer pressure and may not realize their limits. BORG drinking is especially dangerous as it involves large quantities of alcohol, so you must learn more about this practice and what you can do to help a loved one struggling with alcohol abuse or addiction. Contact Promises Brazos Valley at 979.426.0086 to find out how we customize our drug and alcohol detox programs to meet the needs of today’s young people.

What Is BORG Drinking?

BORG is an acronym for “blackout rage gallon.” The term has been coined from the gallon jugs of water used as a base for BORG recipes. “Blackout rage,” in particular, refers to the exceptionally high quantities of alcohol one consumes in these potent drinks. So what exactly is in a BORG drink? The recipes vary somewhat but typically consist of the following:

  • A gallon jug of water with enough water emptied to allow space for additional ingredients
  • The desired amount of liquor, which is usually vodka
  • Flavor enhancers like juice powder or flavored drops
  • Electrolyte supplements

Other than the size of the receptacle used for BORG drinks, the recipe may resemble a typical college cocktail concoction you would see in a giant punch bowl at a party. 

The Dangers of BORG Drinking

BORG drinking has become popular due to the attention it has drawn from viral social media videos. You will see young people sharing their favorite recipes for BORG drinks and participating in BORG drinking challenges. While presented as fun and exciting online, it can lead to severe and potentially deadly side effects.

What makes BORG drinking any more dangerous than the usual college partying? Part of the dangers lies in the misconceptions around these blackout rage gallons:

  • They are promoted as a cheap and easy way to consume alcohol – BORG drinks are prepared in gallon jugs and may resemble fruit punch. Some students may feel more comfortable drinking in public or other settings where it would be unacceptable.
  • Despite the large size of BORG drinks, they are usually intended to be consumed by one person  – This situation results in excessively high amounts of alcohol per person. Some BORG drinks have as much as half a gallon of vodka, which can put a person in the hospital for alcohol poisoning.
  • Electrolytes are often added to prevent hangovers – This may encourage drinking more significantly since people are not concerned about getting hungover the next day. 
  • Some BORG recipes include energy drinks – This can also lead to drinking more significant amounts of alcohol for a more extended period. Stimulants like energy drinks keep you awake and alert, so you may continue drinking long after you usually would. 

If you see someone making or consuming BORG drinks, discuss the number of servings of alcohol in their gallon jug. While you may not convince them to stop drinking, they might be more mindful of how much of the gallon they finish or consider diluting it with more water so it is less potent. You can also suggest they share their drink with friends so each person consumes less alcohol.

Recover from BORG Drinking at Promises Brazos Valley

BORG drinking increases the risk of alcohol poisoning, injury, sexual assault, and accidents. If you know someone engaging in this craze, encourage them to practice moderation. And if they are developing an addiction to alcohol, be sure to contact Promises Brazos Valley at 979.426.0086 for help.

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