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Can Trauma Issues Affect Your Body?

We usually consider mental and behavioral effects when we think about psychological trauma and its impacts. But ideally, trauma-informed treatment addresses all how trauma can affect us, including effects on our health. If you or someone you care about is living with trauma, read on to learn how trauma issues can affect your body. We’ll also explain how trauma-informed treatment can help those you care for and in addiction treatment for yourself.

Three Ways Trauma Issues Affect Health

If you are a person who lives with trauma issues, you are likely aware of the psychological effects. You might not be aware of how some physical health issues you’ve experienced can be connected to your trauma. There are certainly some intense emotions involved in trauma, and it takes a courageous person to endure them. Give yourself credit if you’ve been living with trauma for some time because it isn’t easy. We also want you to know that you don’t have to continue to suffer the mental or physical effects of trauma. Trauma-informed treatment can help you take the courage you’ve used to persevere and put it to better use powering you through recovery.

Here are three of the main ways trauma issues can affect your health:

  1. Short-Term Physical Health Issues
  2. Long-Term Cardiovascular Health Issues
  3. Long-Term Sexual Health Issues (Hormones, Fertility, Pregnancy Problems)

Physical Effects of Psychological Trauma Issues

Trauma and powerful emotions have a very real physiological effect on the body. It is most often seen when the stressors are chronic, which is the nature of trauma for most people. Again, if you live with trauma, most of what we say here will likely ring true for you, and you may even recognize some symptoms you hadn’t attributed to trauma. The cycle of trauma and its effects will continue until the person finds a coping mechanism to alleviate some of the stress or, ideally, seeks professional help to heal and find a resolution. We want you to know that people just like you recover from trauma. Help is more available and more effective than ever. So, there are many reasons to have hope if you or someone you care about is living with trauma.

More About the Physical Effects of Trauma

The physical effects of trauma issues are an important consideration for trauma-informed treatment that is sometimes overlooked. We can consolidate these issues into two main categories—short-term and long-term. Short-term effects happen when a traumatic event occurs or when a person is reliving that event. Long-term effects are the result of chronic trauma symptoms over time. Like all forms of psychological stress, given enough time and intensity, it affects physical health. Addiction, which often results as a response to trauma, comes with its effects on health.

Short-term physical effects that many accompany trauma include:

  • Racing heartbeat
  • Insomnia
  • Nightmares
  • Fatigue
  • Aches and pains

Long-term physical effects that may develop from trauma include:

  • Cardiovascular problems like electrocardiogram abnormalities and infarctions.
  • Weakened or compromised immune system.
  • Sexual health problems like infertility.
  • Pregnancy problems like miscarriage and low birth weight or premature delivery.
  • Hormonal problems.

Whatever your situation, you should know that no one deserves to suffer these symptoms. As brave as you have been, you don’t have to “just grin and bear it,” and you shouldn’t try to when help is available. Try to let go of any notions that you will somehow disappoint yourself or someone else or that getting help is self-indulgent or giving up.

Discover How Promises Brazos Valley Can Help Resolve Trauma Issues

Receiving trauma-informed treatment is the exact opposite of that. It takes courage to tackle your trauma issues head-on. It’s the right thing to do for you, your family, and the people you love. Everyone who cares about you wants to see you whole and happy.

Just imagine where you could be in a year from now—a year of sobriety and recovery from trauma under your belt. Your entire outlook on life can transform. Millions of people are in recovery from addiction and trauma. Why not you?

If you or someone you love lives with trauma issues and their effects, Promises Brazos Valley has the trauma-informed treatment they need for recovery. We want nothing more than to help you or your loved one take recovery by the reins, so give us a call at 844-667-8240, and let’s make it happen together!

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