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PTSD treatment

Woman scrolling how to understand trauma on social media

How to Understand Trauma

The internet has become an almost inseparable part of social life and communication for most of us. Social media has evolved from simple personal profiles and instant messaging to a source of news, education and entertainment. It connects us to people we know and to total strangers in exciting new ways. It empowers interactions that …

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Man experiencing trauma issues in the body

3 Ways Trauma Issues Can Affect Your Body

When we think about psychological trauma and its impacts, we usually think about mental and behavioral effects. But ideally, trauma-informed treatment addresses all the ways in which trauma can affect us, including effects on our health. If you or someone you care about is living with trauma, read on to learn how trauma issues can …

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Woman in bed in need of trauma treatment for women

Trauma Treatment for Women in Recovery

Trauma treatment for women has the power to change lives. There is no overstating the impact that trauma can have on a woman’s relationships, career, family life and quality of life. There is virtually no part of a life that trauma does not touch. Because of the impact of traumatic experiences, deconstructing the trauma and …

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Middle aged black man helping men heal through addiction treatment

Helping Men Heal in Addiction Treatment

Trauma is a fact of life for millions of people, men and women alike. However, men and women experience trauma a bit differently. Male trauma is similar to female trauma in terms of many of the causes and symptoms. But differences in physiology, men’s role in society and gender politics all combine to make the …

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