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5 Sober Activities for the Summer

Summer has always been depicted as a time of relaxation where the fun in the sun goes from being an excellent idea to a social priority. For many, summer represents a time of year where work plays second fiddle to personal time with friends and family. Unfortunately, summer can represent a daunting challenge filled with triggers and compromising social situations for those in the sober community. This is because for those who are over 21, and sometimes for those who are younger than 21, summer activities are often paired with alcohol or drugs. Whether someone is a long-term veteran of the sober community, or just completing an addiction treatment program, planning sober activities during summer vacation is a great way to stay and have fun. 

What Is A Sober Summer?

Although the term may seem self-explanatory, a lot can go into planning a sober summer. A sober summer describes a summer where one does not partake in substances such as drugs or alcohol. This might not seem hard for some people, but for those suffering from addiction, the idea of a sober summer can be incredibly scary as those in recovery may feel that they can’t do the same things or hang out with the same people. However, as the following text will explain, a sober summer and sober activities can be just as, if not more fulfilling than a not sober summer. 

5 Sober Activities for Summer

1. Explore

Summer has always been an excellent time for exploration. Take time to explore your local area, whether a small town or a big city. There’s always something new to discover, even for those who have lived in the same place all their life. While exploring, consider bringing along a sponsor or sober companion. This can greatly reduce the stress felt when encountering situations that may trigger one’s sobriety

2. Go Hiking

Both sobriety and summertime share an emphasis on physical activity and staying busy. So, why not try taking a hike? This can be as mild as a walk down the street or as extreme as a prolonged camping trip. Hiking is a great way to reconnect with nature and friends and a great sober group activity. 

3. Find Local Events

There is no shortage of events to be found during the summer months. These events can range from carnivals to concerts, which will provide entertainment. When traveling to events, be sure to be in good contact with support systems such as sponsors and loved ones to reduce the risk of relapse. For those living near big cities, there is almost certainly a sober event taking place at some point during the summer. 

4. Develop a Hobby

Become a movie buff, get wicked sick at the piano, cooking, or gardening. A hobby is great for a sober summer for two reasons. First, it provides an activity that one can become personally invested in as they watch themselves grow and increase in skill. Second, having a hobby is a great way to meet people! For every hobby, there is almost always a subsection of people who choose to partake in that hobby while sober. 

5. Journal

Journaling is an excellent way to keep track of past experiences and emotional reactions. Some of the sober activities listed here might work, but they also might not, which is why it is important to keep track of one’s emotional reactions when trying new things so that they may better understand if they want to pursue that new thing further. 

Sober Group Activities

All of the activities listed above, with the potential exception of journaling, can be enjoyed in a group setting. Sober group activities are crucial to enjoying a sober summer for the simple fact that, sober or not, people like the company of other people. People who are relatable and able to sympathize with one’s hopes, dreams, struggles, and troubles. 

Learn More at Promises-Brazos Valley

At Promises-Brazos Valley, we understand that planning a sober summer can seem daunting. That is why in addition to offering a wide range of addiction treatments, we offer individual therapy for those looking to explore and better understand their sobriety. For more information on planning a sober summer and sober summer activities or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at 979.426.0086

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