Person sitting in the dark and wondering if ZzzQuill is addictive

Is ZzzQuil Addictive?

In a world that often feels non-stop, the quest for a good night’s sleep can lead some to seek assistance from over-the-counter sleep aids like ZzzQuil. But this raises an important question: is ZzzQuil addictive? At Promises Brazos Valley, an addiction treatment center nestled in the heart of College Station, TX, we understand the complexities […]

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Person distressed and thinking about what DPH abuse is

What Is DPH Abuse?

In the landscape of substance misuse, various substances come under scrutiny for their potential for abuse and the harm they can cause. Among these, diphenhydramine (DPH) abuse is a topic that often goes unnoticed, yet it’s crucial to understand its implications. At Promises Brazos Valley’s addiction treatment center in College Station, TX, we are dedicated

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