hands of people discussing whether or not meth does cause cancer

Does Meth Cause Cancer?

When addressing addiction, accurate information is critical to safety. Our focus is on the complex challenges of methamphetamine abuse in treatment. For those battling meth use, cancer risk concerns add to their worries. But are these concerns valid, or are they baseless? Does meth cause cancer? Promises Brazos Valley addresses this issue with compassion and […]

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Person wondering if Vyvanse is an amphetamine

Is Vyvanse an Amphetamine?

As you explore the various addiction treatment options available, it’s natural to have questions, especially regarding the specific treatments for substance abuse. Vyvanse, in particular, often becomes a focal point in these discussions, attracting attention from both patients and healthcare professionals. Understanding the composition and classification of Vyvanse is not just a matter of curiosity—it’s

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