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Do I Need Residential Addiction Treatment?

Most people battling a substance use disorder go through several stages before they get to the point where they need residential treatment. You may want to start with an outpatient treatment program since it seems like the most convenient option, but that may not work for everyone. Some people need more intensive addiction treatment, such as that provided by a residential treatment program

If your addiction has reached a level where it is no longer possible to manage outside of a clinical setting, reach out to Promises Brazos Valley. Our inpatient addiction treatment could be the best path forward for your recovery. Call us today at 979.426.0086 to find out if our residential addiction treatment center may be right for you.

Signs that You May Need Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Outpatient addiction treatment can be the most flexible and convenient, but the most important thing is to receive the level of treatment that is most suitable for you. For some people, getting help from a residential addiction treatment center is necessary for them to get sober and maintain their abstinence.

How do you know if residential addiction treatment is right for you? Here are some signs that this more intensive form of addiction treatment may be best for your situation.

You Want to Quit Using Drugs or Alcohol, but You Cannot Stop

If you have already tried to stop using substances before but were unsuccessful, you may need a more intensive level of treatment. Trying to quit on your own can be challenging, but it may also be difficult if you are not in the right treatment program.

An inpatient addiction treatment center ensures you are in a safe, secure environment free from the temptations of drugs or alcohol. This can be an important first step to helping you detach from your dependence on the substances.

Your Home Environment Is Not Conducive for Recovery

In order to help you stay sober, it is best to live in an environment free of drugs and alcohol. If others in your home continue to use substances, it will be much more difficult for you to resist them. The same holds true for stressful or tense home environments. If you do not get along well with your family members, partner, or housemates, the daily stress will significantly increase your risk of relapse. Getting away from home for 30 days or more by enrolling in residential addiction treatment can help you get a solid start on your recovery. 

You Feel Overwhelmed by Addiction, Stress, and Mental Health Conditions

Stress and mental health disorders are significant contributors to substance use disorders. When combined, these conditions can make everyday life tough to navigate without self-medicating with drugs or alcohol. Inpatient addiction treatment offers the highest level of care as well as a break from your daily struggles at work, school, or in your relationships. You will work with supportive staff and peers in recovery in an environment that can promote your comfort and healing.

Even if you have tried outpatient addiction treatment in the past without success, that does not mean you cannot recover from addiction. A residential addiction treatment center can provide the high level of care you need to overcome substance use disorder.

Begin Recovery at Promises Brazos Valley

If you feel that your addiction is interfering with your life and causing significant harm, it is time to seek help from Promises Brazos Valley. When you are ready to take the first step toward recovery, contact us at 979.426.0086. We can discuss your treatment options after conducting an intake assessment, so you will know which of our addiction treatment programs will best fit your needs.

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