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How 12-Step Rehab Can Help Your Recovery

Although you may be familiar with the 12-step program created by Alcoholics Anonymous, you may not necessarily know how it works for your recovery. The 12-step addiction treatment program is a structured approach that helps people recover from substance use disorder through a series of twelve action steps. It is a tried and true method that has helped millions of people achieve and maintain lifelong recovery.

If you are interested in 12-step addiction treatment, look no further than Promises Brazos Valley. Our 12-step therapy program features the 12 steps used by Alcoholics Anonymous for not only alcohol addiction but also drug addiction. To learn more about how we incorporate this treatment model into your recovery plan, reach out to us today at 979.426.0086.

How Does 12-Step Addiction Treatment Support Recovery?

There are numerous programs and strategies for recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. The 12-step addiction treatment model has been around since 1939 and was originally created by Alcoholics Anonymous for those recovering from alcohol use disorder. The 12 steps that make up the core of this program serve as action steps that will help guide a person on their journey to long-term recovery.

So, how does 12-step therapy help you recover from addiction? Here is an overview of the key features you will find in 12-step rehab that can help sustain your recovery: 

Accepting That You Need Help

You will release denial and accept that you have felt powerless over your substance use. Acknowledging the problem is the first step to making positive change.

Having Faith

Whether or not you are religious, it is helpful to have faith in some sort of higher power when addressing addiction.

Taking a Moral Inventory 

Examine how addiction has impacted your life and decide what you want to change. The point is not to dwell on the negative but rather to acknowledge it and commit to making positive changes.

Not Having to Go Through Withdrawal Alone

When you enroll in 12-step rehab, you will always have someone you can talk to when you’re struggling. You will work with peers in recovery and may be assigned a sponsor who serves as your mentor in recovery.

Making Amends

Consider the relationships in your life that have been impacted by addiction and try to make amends where possible. Clearing the air and mending bridges with loved ones can widen your support system and reduce stress and tension.

Helping Others

Serving others can go a long way toward supporting your recovery. You can help others in recovery learn from your experiences and provide them with a listening ear. Supporting others in recovery also provides you with accountability and a sense of purpose, which is highly motivating.

Do You Have to Be a Christian to Participate in 12-Step Rehab?

The traditional 12-step program created by Alcoholics Anonymous revolves around one’s relationship with God. This may give the impression that you must believe in God or practice a particular religious faith to take part in 12-step rehab. However, this treatment model has since transitioned toward a more spiritual focus to be more inclusive. This allows you to apply the 12 steps to your life regardless of your religious beliefs. You simply replace any mentions of God or Him with whichever higher power you believe in. 

Experience the Benefits of 12-Step Rehab at Promises Brazos Valley

If 12-step addiction treatment sounds like a good fit for your recovery, reach out to Promises Brazos Valley. We can help you customize the 12 steps to adapt to your belief system so you can get the most out of treatment. Call us today at 979.426.0086 to enroll and start enjoying the strong support of 12-step addiction treatment.

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