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What Are the Symptoms of Depression in Women?

Depression is one of the leading causes of disability in the United States today. This mental health condition can be debilitating, making it challenging to fulfill one’s daily responsibilities. Women tend to be more vulnerable to depression than men, so it is worthwhile to learn about the signs of depression in women. You may be surprised to discover that you or someone close to you is struggling with a depressive disorder.

Whenever your mood or energy levels interfere with your daily life, you should consider getting assessed by a healthcare provider. Medical and mental health conditions can rob you of your quality of life, but at Promises Brazos Valley, treatment is available. Call us at 979.426.0086 to learn more about our specialized mental health treatment programs for women.

Recognizing the Signs of Depression in Women

Having a major depressive disorder is much more than simply feeling sad about something disappointing that happened, such as not getting the job you wanted or being short on cash for the month. Depression is a medical condition that can interfere with your ability to work, sleep, eat, study, and enjoy your life. In extreme cases, depression is so disruptive that some women cannot continue working and must go on disability.

Recognizing the signs of depression in women and getting help without delay can prevent your condition from worsening. Be aware of the following depression symptoms in women:

  • Sleep disturbances – You have difficulty falling asleep at night or waking up in the morning. You might also wake up much earlier than you want to but find it impossible to fall back asleep.
  • Random muscle aches or pain – You may have headaches or stomach aches for no apparent reason. Your muscles may also be sore without physical exertion.
  • Fatigue – Depression can sap all your energy, leaving you feeling tired no matter how much sleep or rest you get.
  • Having little faith or hope in the future – When you are depressed, you may feel more discontent with your life. It may seem like nothing goes your way, and it is difficult to imagine things getting better.
  • Poor cognitive function – Depression drains you physically and mentally, making it difficult to focus or remember things. This can be incredibly disruptive to your work life.
  • Co-occurring mental health disorders – Women with depression are more likely to have anxiety, eating disorders, and other mental health conditions.

If you persistently experienced the above symptoms for two weeks or more, you may be dealing with a depressive disorder. It is crucial to get a proper diagnosis so you can access the appropriate treatment. 

How to Manage Depression Symptoms in Women

If you suspect you have depression, what should you do next? You can make plenty of lifestyle changes to help manage your symptoms, but first and foremost, you should schedule an appointment with your primary care physician or a mental health provider. They can conduct an assessment and determine the best treatment plan for you.

Depression treatment usually includes:

  • Behavioral therapy
  • Medication
  • Support from loved ones
  • Holistic therapies
  • Lifestyle changes

Since depression affects women differently than men, you may find the best outcome from a treatment program designed specifically for women.

Find Women’s Depression Treatment at Promises Brazos Valley

If you are struggling with depression symptoms, do not write it off as a personality defect, PMS, menopause, or any other explanation you may have heard for low mood in women. Depression can be crippling, but you no longer have to suffer. Promises Brazos Valley can help you escape from the dark cloud of depression. Contact Promises Brazos Valley today at 979.426.0086 to start feeling like yourself again.

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