Dog watching out the window as owner leaves, going to treatment

Who Will Watch My Pet While I’m at Rehab?

Everyone loves their pets. With all the planning involved in going to treatment, inevitably, pet owners are going to wonder who will watch my pet? If you’re working on persuading a loved one to go to treatment, the pet boarding and pet sitting issue can be a factor too. This article is for any pet owner or someone who loves a pet owner who needs treatment.

Planning for the care of beloved pets is an important part of preparing for treatment. With that in mind, here is some helpful advice and information:

Pets Are Important

It’s important to acknowledge how important our pets are. They provide us with unconditional love. Research has shown that pets have a measurable effect on our mental health. If you’re interested in getting treatment for yourself, don’t worry, there are good options for your pet’s care. If someone you care about needs treatment, make sure you validate their concerns.

You want them focused on recovery, not worrying “who will watch my pet?” Anything you can do to help arrange for the pet’s care and safety will go a long way toward smoothing the path to recovery for your loved one.

Pet Boarding and Pet Sitting

If a friend or family member isn’t available to care for a pet while someone is in treatment, it’s a good idea to investigate pet boarding and pet sitting options in your area. Many veterinarians have kennels on-site and offer pet boarding services for dogs and cats. So you might start with the veterinarian assigned to the pet. Pet sitting can be an even more attractive option. If a friend or family member is available to care for the pet, that can save a lot of hassle.

A dog or cat who can stay in a familiar environment will be less stressed by the absence of its owner. A reptile or rodent with a cage and many necessary accessories will be easier to plan for if you don’t have to worry about packing all those items up and moving them to another location. Some animals can be sensitive to changes in temperature or humidity. Keeping the pet at home can eliminate those concerns.

Some Things to Consider

If you plan on having someone watch a pet at home or in a boarding situation, here is a helpful checklist of things to remember.

  • Spend extra time with your pet before you go.
  • Involve the pet owner in the process if you can, i.e., let them see where their pet will stay.
  • Make sure the pet has their favorite toys wherever they go.
  • Tell whoever is watching the pet about any dietary or health concerns.
  • Get a full supply of food and medicines for the duration in advance.

What If We Don’t Have Friends or Family Who Can Pet Sit?

If you don’t have someone who can come to the home to look after a pet, don’t worry. There are still pet boarding and pet sitting options. Boarding at a kennel or veterinarian is only one option. You might also consider posting in a Facebook group for pet owners. Just be careful not to share details like address publicly; that’s best kept in a direct message with a prospective sitter.

There are also services online, like Rover and Care, which will pair you with a vetted pet sitter. Some of these services can also connect you with pet boarding and pet sitting options at a facility or other location outside your home.

It can certainly be hard to leave a pet behind, especially for a month or more when you’re going to treatment. Pets are like members of the family for many of us. It’s important to remember that. We hope the information and advice we provided above will give you or the person you love some comfort, and we wish the best for your pets! If you have any questions about treatment or the recovery process, please don’t hesitate to call Promises Brazos Valley at 19794260086

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